why hello there fraaand!

so good to meet ya!

my names mariana, but you can call me mari :)

i'm a brand and web designer, a student and an educator, and a small shop owner! i'm extremely multi-passionate and love to create things out of nothing. all of this comes from being a 5w 4 and an ISTP hehehehe

i love spending time with the Lord and growing deeper in my relationship with him. i'm a lover of earthy vibes and interiors and living a life of simplicity. i'm big on taking spontaneous road trips and driving down highway 1... ah yes, i love the beach (just not the cold ass water). i drink way too much coffee and love to binge watch friends. if i'm not staring at my computer screen i'm spending time with my honey booboo, family, or just reading a good book!

some fun facts

favorite travel spot: new york all the way! it was my dream vacation... DYING TO GO BACK
can't live without: my airpods, coffee, arbonne protein shakes.. yum
must have accessories: sunglasses, a stylish had, and my rings!
hobbies: makeup, crafting, lettering, and photography :))
these things make me happy when i need a break from working!
secret talent: i've got mad nancy drew detective
best advice i've ever been given: old ways never open new doors

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mari guadalupe

mari guadalupe is a creativepreneur working with other creative entrepreneurs and lifestyle bloggers to help them create an authentic brand and web design to help their business grow.