what it issss, wasssup

my names mariana, but you can call me mari :)

i'm a brand and web designer, a student and an educator, and a small shop owner based out of the san francisco bay area! i'm extremely multi-passionate and love to create things out of nothing. all of this comes from being a 5w4 and an ISTP hehehehe

i love spending time with the Lord and growing deeper in my relationship with him. i'm a vegan for myself and for the planet, i love living a life of simplicity and drinking coffee out of mason jars. i'm big on taking spontaneous road trips and driving down highway 1... ah yes, i love the beach (just not the cold ass water here in the bay). binge watching friends is my favorite hobby. if i'm not staring at my computer screen i'm spending time with my honey booboo, family, or just reading a good book!

some fun facts

favorite travel spot: new york all the way! it was my dream vacation... DYING TO GO BACK
can't live without: my airpods, coffee, arbonne protein shakes.. yum
must have accessories: sunglasses, a stylish hat, and my rings!
hobbies: makeup, crafting, lettering, and photography :))
these things make me happy when i need a break from working!
secret talent: i've got mad nancy drew detective
best advice i've ever been given: old ways never open new doors

the face behind the brand!

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